On July 3, ’24, Dusseldorp Infra, Demolition and Environmental Engineering proudly received the certification for ! This certificate, awarded by Kruno Grabovac of DIfAM Certification B.V., is a confirmation of their efficient and effective management system they have set up to manage and maintain assets in public spaces.

But what exactly are assets? Assets are defined as assets, or operating resources that represent a certain value. Within Van Dusseldorp’s area of expertise, it involves infrastructure assets, such as pavements and sewers.

With asset management, they optimize the balance between cost, performance and risk of assets. In doing so, they strive to create maximum value within the available budget. They also clarify the budget needed to bring the acreage to the desired level of quality. Given their role as service providers, (data-driven) collaboration with the asset owner is essential for successful asset management.