About DIfAM


DIfAM(Dutch Institute for Asset ManagementBV) was established in 2013 to test our clients’ quality systems against ISO 55001 and NTA 8120 standards, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements that thereby mitigate their risks and can improve their business performance.

DIfAM BV is currently one of the leading independent service providers within the Netherlands in testing management systems, providing training and certification against applicable quality standards such as the ISO 9001, NTA 8120 and ISO 55001 standards. It is also tested against ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SCL the safety ladder.

Own certificates

DIfAM is accredited by the RvA (Dutch council of Accreditation). For this purpose, accreditation audits are carried out at DIfAM. RvA checks whether we audit in accordance with the standards, but also whether our own processes are in order.


We perform audits in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.

Issued Normative Documents:

  • Quality system certification ISO 9001 : Code 25 and 26
  • Certification scheme for NEN-ISO 55001 : Code 25 and 26

Teams and experiences

The board of DIfAM consists of Kruno Grabovac and Peter Heeren.

Kruno Grabovac

Kruno Grabovac started his career in Rotterdam. After studying Electrical Engineering, he obtained his master’s degree in Business Economics at the Economic University of Rotterdam.

He served as lead manager in several executive positions in the utilities sector.

Additional experiences

  • Project and Process Management
  • QHSE management
  • Assessor audit processes
  • HVK Safety Expert
  • Business Consultancy
  • Implementation of ISO9001, ISO55000, ISO45001 and NTA8120
  • Training and teacher.
Peter Heeren

Peter Heeren

Peter started his career in Rotterdam. After his studies in Electrical Engineering, he obtained additional HBO diplomas in Nuclear Radiation Expertise and High Voltage Engineering.

As a Technical Service Manager in the Chemical sector, he has built up a lot of experience in managing teams to guarantee and improve the reliability of Assets.

Additional experiences

  • Project and Process Management
  • Assessor audit processes
  • Business Advisor and Project Manager
  • Implementation of ISO9001, ISO55000 and NTA8120
  • Training and teacher.

Our teams consist of motivated, well-trained and ambitious professionals. Based on your company profile, a suitable team is put together for your needs.

To achieve this, in addition to our permanent staff, we work with a flexible shell of “Freelance” employees who are familiar with conducting audits within the scope of our company.


If a customer has the need to have a single point of contact for the entire provision of external certification audits, DIfAM can take a leading role in this.

DIfAM manages contacts with several certification bodies for a number of customers.

Advantages of choosing this:

  • DIfAM has the knowledge of the market, certificates and the way in which audits must be carried out.
  • Where possible, (partially) combined audits are carried out, which means that the organization experiences a lower audit burden. The “High Level” structure is used for this, which is the same for a number of standards, with which a number of processes can be assessed simultaneously.
  • In principle, DIfAM works together with all other certifying companies.

DIfAM provides overall control for the following standards:
ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 55001, VCA, Safety Culture ladder.